Super 8

Movie Review
Super 8
Released June 2011
Directed by J.J. Abrams

I was determined to see this in the theater (monster movies just aren’t the same experience at home) and I barely made it. I am so glad I did. It was great. Entertaining, just the right amount of action/effects, great character development and a multilayered story. It’s not a particularly innovative story, but it was good and you really got to know the characters which seems increasingly rare nowadays.

I’m very impressed when a movie can be both a crowd pleaser and a good film. Usually there are two categories for the movies that come out during the year. The first is movies with a great story, with great acting, that turn out to be the award winning films. The second are those movies that are crowd pleasing blockbusters brimming with action, effects, and stimulation. Only a few movies pull off being both.

Imagine that? Making a film that’s so good that it retains it’s artistic integrity and makes money. Who knew?

My pet peeve with action blockbusters is that there’s so much action (and not enough build up to it) that I get bored with it. I’m over stimulated and at some point I stop caring. Add to the mix that I could care less if the main character dies because who is this guy anyway? All that’s come out of his mouth are cheesy one liners and arrogant quips. It’s just not good. Yet, other movies can be so drawn out and slow that it’s almost impossible to stay interested. Super 8 had a good balance of action to story. The action always made sense, was never too long or drawn out, but wasn’t just added as an afterthought either. It’s equally frustrating when a movie seems to be building towards something and then the conclusion is rushed and unsatisfying.

I’m sure not everyone will like this movie, but I was impressed with it. J.J. Abrams is winning me over. First Star Trek, now this? I hope this becomes a trend. If you were wondering, I think the most recent Star Trek was a great movie (and I don’t care if “true fans” liked it or not). Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto nailed those characters without being caricatures, and that is not easy to do.

It’s not perfect or my new all time favorite, but I really really liked Super 8 and am not embarrassed to recommend it to anyone. I may even buy it.


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