Warm Bodies

Book Review
Warm Bodies
Written by: Isaac Marion

There are just some books that I hate reading in public because without fail, someone always asks me what I’m reading, and what it’s about, to which I have no choice but to reply, “Warm Bodies. It’s a book about zombies.” My recent obsession with Science Fiction and Fantasy has really made my “guilty pleasure” reading list a lot longer than usual. Even if the book is good, it takes a certain kind of person to embrace the premise of most books in this genre and they rarely earn the respect of literature elitists.

I don’t know why exactly, but I was really excited to read this book. I’m not a die hard zombie fan, but I thought the concept was interesting: a post apocalyptic story told from the perspective of a zombie. Maybe it was my doubt that this could be pulled off that created the fascination, but as a I road home from the bookstore next to my husband (who I’m pretty sure was rolling his eyes at me) I was rattling on about zombies and reading the the quotes off the back cover.

This is Isaac Marion’s first book but it has gotten some significant support from some famous names. It is a very quick read. Even I, reading only here and there and at my ever slow pace, finished it in less than a week. It was most certainly entertaining. I wanted to know what was going to happen next and as always I was trying to figure out how I would fare in this particular post apocalyptic world.

In the end, I didn’t love it. It was sort of hard to take seriously, perhaps a bit reaching in the philosophy department and it felt rushed. It all came together so quickly at the end that I was left feeling unsatisfied. Still, it is a pretty entertaining read and since it’s so quick I’d recommend reading it for yourself. After all, it’s quite possible that I just haven’t embraced the zombie genre yet. Sure it makes for cool makeup in movies, but at the end of the day it’s mostly just gross and impossible.

I’m pretty sure this book would come across incredibly cheesy in movie form, but I could see it happening in a couple years time.

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