Movie Review
Written by: Suzanne Collins
Well I finished the trilogy. I’ve been meaning to write my review so this isn’t super fresh on my mind. I liked the book, I like the series a lot. I found that this was my least favorite of the three. I’ve heard all sorts of different feelings about series…everyone seems to love the first one, the second and third are mixed. For me, I liked them all but progressively less as I went. I was still excited and a little addicted, and I am satisfied with how it came together. I guess I was just hoping for an ending a little more mind blowing. As I sat reading the story I tried to come up with my own ending and I really couldn’t think of anything that wouldn’t be nuanced. The concept for the Hunger Games was a fabulous one, but a brilliant ending that leaves you breathless and deep in thought—those are hard to come by. A writer has to be truly brilliant and rare to pull something like that off. Collins ending for the series was fine, just not mind blowing.

But hey, you know they must be pretty good if I can get my husband to read AND finish them.


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