Coming Soon: Pride Prejudice & Zombies

Thoughts on the upcoming movie: Pride Prejudice and Zombies

When the book ‘Pride Prejudice and Zombies’ was released (I was in college) it was wildly creative and absolutely hilarious. It read like an Jane Austen novel despite the fact that it was a retelling about zombies and didn’t really feel as much like a shtick or gimmick as you might expect.

The opening line still makes me laugh:

“It is a truth universally acknowledged that a zombie in possession of brains must be in want of more brains.”

I realize it takes a very specific kind of nerdiness to see the humor here: i.e. you have to be familiar with and like Jane Austen while simultaneously being into horror or science fiction in the form of zombies. (Also you can’t like Jane Austen TOO much or else it will just annoy you that they rewrote her story this way).

Of course the release of this book (and it’s success) was followed by a slew of zombie retellings and there was also a general rise in zombie books, tv shows and movies so the book quickly lost the novelty factor it carried at it’s release.

Now there is a movie version being release in a couple weeks that looks, just ridiculous, and I can’t imagine it being good. I think they were going for Downton Abbey meets The Walking Dead—but for all the entertainment of the novel, I just think the movie is going to be terrible.

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